Welcome to APWeb-WAIM 2009

The Joint International Conferences on Asia-Pacific Web Conference (APWeb) and
Web-Age Information Management (WAIM)

2-4 April, 2009, Suzhou, China

APWeb and WAIM are leading international conferences on research, development and applications of Web technologies,database systems, information management and software engineering, with a focus on the Asia-Pacific region.

Previous APWeb conferences were held in Beijing(1998), Hong Kong(1999), Xian(2000), Changsha(2001), Xi’an(2003), Hangzhou(2004), Shanghai(2005), Harbin (2006),Huangshan (2007) and Shenyang(2008) and previous WAIM conferences were held in Shanghai(2000), Xian(2001), Beijing(2002), Chengdu(2003), Dalian(2004), Hangzhou(2005), Hong Kong(2006), Huangshan(2007) and Zhangjiajie(2008).

For the second time, APWeb and WAIM will be combined to foster closer collaboration and research ideas sharing, and will be held immediately after IEEE ICDE2009 to be held in Shanghai.